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The Internal Comms Masterclass: Engage

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Welcome to the third part of our Internal Comms Masterclass webinar series!

This webinar focused on the Engage key area. We discussed everything that comes with gamifying your internal comms and developing listening techniques to make sure your employees are heard.

Watch the Webinar:

Take a deep dive into the Engage area of our Masterclass and learn how to:

  • Amplify employee voice at your company
  • Gamify your internal comms to drive up engagement with employees
  • Embed helpful services for employees in your digital communication platform
  • Develop a survey strategy to improve the listening culture at your workplace

Meet our hosts:

Tara Jaf
Tara Jaf
Lead Content Strategist at Staffbase
Adam Brayford
Adam Brayford
Director of Internal Communications at Staffbase
Matt Lee
Matt Lee
Senior Communications Manager at Citrix