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The Proof is in the Pudding: Justifying Your Comms Strategy

Justifying the importance of a strong communication strategy can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. As communicators, it is important to have a clear plan to set in motion to help support your mission.

Watch this webinar to gain insight and learn some tricks on how to justify the importance of your position and strategy within your organization!

Our speakers discussed how to approach hesitant leadership, steps to take to support your strategy, and advice on how to stay confident in yourself and your plan!

Watch the webinar:

Watch the webinar to hear our panelists discuss:

  • Tips on approaching hesitant leadership.
  • How to build a strong proposal.
  • Using data and feedback to support your strategy
  • Tips on staying confident with yourself and your plan.

Meet our panelists:

Kelly Designs  (1)-Mar-03-2023-06-06-54-3434-PM
Charlie Stocker
Senior Customer Success Manager
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 6
Laura Cullen
Director of Communications at Happy Monday
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 7
Samantha Miller
Manager, Internal Communications at Xperi