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Mastering Change: New Tools, Platforms, and Responsibilities

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As Comms professionals, we are no strangers to change! With new technology, changes in work environments, and the increased need for internal comms it is important that we embrace these changes!

Watch this webinar to hear our panelists give tips on how you can embrace the ongoing changes and set yourself up for success!

Watch the webinar:

Watch the webinar to hear our panelists discuss:

  • New tools you can use to make your job easier.
  • Changes in the current work culture.
  • Juggling the new responsibilities communicators face.
  • How Staffbase intranet can be used to help your workforce adapt to changes.

Meet Our Speakers:

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Thomas Gilroy
Internal Communications Specialist at Staffbase
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Vanessa Bornholdt
Senior Internal Communications Manager at Braze
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Rachel Medanic
Engagement Strategist at Rachel Medanic Communications