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New World of Work:
Digital Transformation

New World of Work Digital Transformation
In this New World of Work, companies are changing how they communicate with employees. Many are going digital to support dynamic, hybrid workplaces.

To learn how to advocate for digital transformation at your company and why it's saving internal communicators time and money, watch the second webinar in our New World of Work series!

Watch the webinar:

Watch the webinar and walk away with:

  • Strategies to navigate internal comms in a dynamic workplace
  • Stories from companies who are successfully navigating digital transformation
  • Statistics on why companies are choosing to change up their internal comms methods in 2021
  • Guides for starting the conversation with decision-makers in your workplace

Our speakers:

Pinaki Kathiari
Pinaki Kathiari
CEO, Local Wisdom
McKenzie Fritz
McKenzie Fritz
Product Marketing Manager, Staffbase
Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
Head of Digital, scarlettabbott