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5 Ways to Drive Engagement With Your Non-Desk Workforce During a Crisis 

Industry experts from Open and Staffbase discuss strategies for engaging your entire workforce during the global pandemic.


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Here Are the Facts

Non-desk workers account for a whooping 80% of the workforce, globally. With the rising fear and uncertainty facing workers across the globe during this time of crisis, do you have the right strategies in place to effectively communicate with them?

Communications strategies are usually planned and executed out of HQ – an environment of desk workers with large access to tools, management systems, and likely a company intranet. But what about non-desk workers? Where do they get their information? What kind of messaging is relevant to them? What systems do they have access to and actually use? Do they use mobile? What language should you use to engage them?

Understanding how to effectively engage with your non-desk workers, especially during times of crisis, requires a deep level of understanding about the challenges and needs that are affecting their home and personal lives (eg: what do I do if I’m sick? How long should I quarentine if I've been exposed to someone who's sick? When am I likely to come back to work? What will happen with my pay? etc)

This webinar will take a deep dive into non-desk workers and discuss the most effective, proven  strategies  to engage with them during crisis.

In this webinar you’ll learn...

  • What and how to communicate during this time of crisis
  • How to successfully plan and deliver a digital communications channel (even if you’ve tried and failed in the past!)

  • How to cut through the noise and understand what non-desk workers want to hear VS what they actually hear
  • The number one most important thing you should be doing to connect with your non-desk workers
  • How to successfully build an internal influencer strategy

About the Presenters



Andreas Ringsted
Head of Digital Experiences at Open

Andreas has worked for 15+ years creating engaging communication and experiences in external and internal communications, developing campaigns and initiatives for a long list of clients like the United Nations, the European Union, Pandora, Carlsberg, Georg Jensen, and Microsoft. Always at the forefront of technology and looking for innovative solutions, Andreas advises clients on digital solutions, across organisational levels and functions.



Frank Wolf
President & Co-Founder at Staffbase

Frank is passionate about internal communication and building digital environments that promote productive, enjoyable work and help all people excel. He is the publisher and author of "Social Intranet" and numerous articles and presentations. Frank is also the co-founder and Director of Staffbase where he's focused on building a great product and company that helps customers reach all employees on their mobile devices in a smart and easy way