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How Storytelling and Narratives can Reinvent your Internal Communications

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Watch this on-demand webinar where our speakers diving deep into the art of narratives, storytelling, and their profound impact on business communication.

Exploring the nuances of crafting compelling stories and how successful business leaders leverage narratives to navigate challenges, crises, and even turn setbacks into triumphs.

Improving your storytelling skills: Acquiring practical storytelling techniques to make your messages resonate

Crisis Management Skills: Learn the power of empathetic communication in handling challenging situations, and understand how effective leaders navigate public mishaps

Learning the power of the Narrative: What’s the difference between storytelling & narratives, and why are they so powerful?

Exclusive Expertise: Gain access to the insights and findings from Frank's latest book!

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your comms strategy, and discover the transformative power of narratives in the business world.

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Watch the recording:

In this webinar we look at:

  • The Art of Effective Storytelling: Discover how to create memorable and engaging stories to enhance the effectiveness of your messages.
  • How to Stop your CEO saying Stupid Stuff in Public: Analysing a case where a CEO's speech cost a company £500M.
  • The Art of Coming Back from Embarrassment:
    Explore strategies for businesses to react to mistakes.
  • Gain valuable insights into the human side of businesses and business leaders from Staffbase Co-Founder & CSO Frank Wolf's upcoming book.

Our Hosts:

Brian Tomlinson-circle-400px-1
Brian Tomlinson
Head of Content at Staffbase
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 4
Lottie Bazley
Senior Internal Communications Consultant at Staffbase
Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf
Co-Founder & CSO at Staffbase