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The 2022 Internal Communications Salary Report Deep Dive

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Watch the webinar to see us dive deep into our second annual Internal Communications Salary Report which covers how much money internal communications professionals earn—and how experience, location, industry, and other demographics impact earnings.

Dive into the 2022 report:

In 2022, we collected salary data from over 1000 internal communications professionals from around the world and in this webinar, we'll share the results with you! You'll walk away knowing:

  • How much comms pros with similar backgrounds and experience are paid
  • Who is making the most money across industries, roles, and responsibilities
  • What attributes and designations help you negotiate a higher salary
  • How team sizes and structures vary across industries and company size

Meet our panelists:

kyla sims
Kyla Sims
Principal Audience Engagement Manager at Staffbase
Jackie Berg
Head of Research & Business Development at Brilliant Ink