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✏️ Sharpen Your Communication Skills: A Thought Leaders Guide to Success

Unlock the door to your professional growth journey and join this special virtual event!

Just like in the classroom, it's never too late to invest in your career, and this virtual event is your ultimate opportunity. We have curated three 30-minute sessions where you will hear from experts on how to become a better communicator and thought leader.

Watch the recording and sharpen your communication skills – because your success story is just beginning! 🎓🚀
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Watch the Virtual Event:

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In the event, you'll find three 30-minute sessions that give you an overview of how to become a better strategizer, digital storyteller, and communicator!
Our Speaker Lineup Includes:
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Travis Bonnough
StaffbaseStrategic Development Specialist
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Caitlin Anderson
AutodeskSenior Manager of Internal Communications
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Pinaki Kathiari
Local WisdomCEO
Untitled design-Sep-13-2023-07-36-36-6807-PM
Kaitlin Wade
Engineered Floors Communications Specialist
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Theresa Kwan
StaffbaseCustomer Education Consultant
Our Sessions Include
Basics on Becoming a Strategic Visionary

Hear from Staffbase Campus Experts on what Campus can offer you as we give a preview of a course you can take online at Campus! In this immersive session, you will gain profound insights and practical skills to become a strategic visionary within your organization as well as a tactical communicator. This webinar will empower you to craft and implement communication strategies that adapt to dynamic environments, ensuring long-term impact and relevance.
How to Set Comms Goals for Yourself and Your Organization
In this engaging session, you will gain the knowledge and tools needed to strategically align your career aspirations with your organization's communication objectives. We'll explore the importance of setting clear, measurable, and achievable goals for your professional growth. Our expert speakers will guide you through the process of defining your personal communication goals, ensuring they complement and contribute to your organization's broader strategy.
Mastering the Art of Storytelling Using Modern Tools
In this session, our speakers will unveil the power of modern tools, showcasing how they can transform your narratives. You'll discover the art of crafting compelling stories that resonate with employees and stakeholders alike, fostering a deeper connection within your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I attend?
In this 90-minute event, you'll gain the tools, tips, and insights needed to revolutionize your role. Elevate your communication game, foster a more engaged workforce, and position yourself as an indispensable asset!
How can I sign up for Staffbase Campus?
Signing up for Staffbase is easy! Click on the link below and get started on your learning journey.

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