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Shine Bright Like a Comms Star

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We partnered with Ragan to bring you this wonderful webinar! Watch as our speakers discuss the importance of having a strong IC strategy, setting professional boundaries, and how to soar into IC success!💫

Watch the webinar:

Watch the webinar to hear our panelists discuss:

  • Challenges IC professionals navigated through.
  • How to demonstrate ROI of internal communications.
  • Tips on how to establish professional boundaries.
  • Tools to implement your IC strategies.

Meet our panelists:

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Carmen Carigan
Enterprise Account Executive at Staffbase
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Victoria Dew
SCMP, Founder & CEO at Dewpoint Communications, INC
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Andrea Greenhous
President & Chief Internal Communications Strategist at Vision2Voice
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Isis Simpson-Mersha,
Reporter/Conference Producer at Ragan Communications