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The Who, What, When and How of Modern Intranets

LiveJune 21, 2023
11:00 AM EST
4:00 GMT
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Analyzing your current intranet and seeing if it meets the needs of your 2023 employees can be a daunting task! Who takes ownership of the intranet? What content do your employees want to see? What does your intranet say about your company? How do you start this project?

Join us on June 21st when we will answer all of these questions and much more! Hear our panelists give tips and insights on how to make the modern intranet process as simple as possible. 😌

Join the webinar:

Watch the webinar to hear our panelists discuss:

  • Who should be in charge of the intranet platform? Comms? IT? HR?
  • How to get started revamping your intranet platform or implementing a new one.
  • What content should your intranet include?
  • When and how to launch your intranet for the ultimate success!

Meet our panelists:

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Jeff Corbin
Senior Strategic IC Advisor at Staffbase
Speakers Coming Soon-2
More to come...