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  • UK bedding retailer Dreams connected 2,000 dispersed employees spread between their factory, 200+ retail stores, and their corporate “Bedquarters”
  • Max Mara Fashion Group implemented an employee app, leading to 80% of the organisation being monthly active users
  • Within three months of launching their employee app "Huddle", BrewDog had over 70% of their workforce signed up and actively using the app
  • An employee app promoted culture and united the younger generation at Chicorée Mode AG, with 81% of their workforce regularly using the app

“Huddle has been a game-changer for us in the way that we have been able to communicate with all of our crew across the world. We can communicate in a variety of ways, and from our survey results we can see that our communication score has increased, which has a direct impact on the engagement of our teams.”

Karen Bates, Group PeopleDirector at BrewDog