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The 'Constructive Comms' Virtual Event Series

A bi-weekly 30-minute LinkedIn Live event series for internal communicators within the manufacturing sector that brings in different experts each week to discuss the best practices for engaging non-desk workers, uniting a dispersed workforce, managing change, launching a digital platform to blue collar workers, and more!

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The Constructive Comms Talk Tracks:

  • Constructive Comms-Peter and Heather (1)

    Top Strategies for Uniting a Dispersed Workforce - October 27th

    In this session Heather Rouke, Head of Customer Success at Staffbase will talk through the best ways to be innovative, progressive and forward-thinking through every step of the employee experience and share the top three strategies Staffbase manufacturing customers have used to effectively unite a dispersed workforce.

  • Constructive Comms-Peter and Jeff

    The Best Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement - November 10th

    Having a disengaged workforce can be detrimental to your organisation for a number of reasons. Jeff Corbin, Senior Strategic Consultant at Staffbase will join us to share three strategies used to empower employees, detail why why one communication channel isn’t the best way, and the importance of giving your employees a voice.

  • Constructive Comms-Peter and Nick

    How to Effectively Manage Change - November 24th

    As the saying goes, “change is inevitable”. In this session, Chris Nicholls, National Marketing & Communications Manager at Sunbelt Rentals will explain the challenges of merging 20+ brands into one. He will also discuss how he dealt with COVID-19 and how to create content in a more relevant and engaging way.

  • Constructive Comms-Peter and Mel

    Launching a Digital Platform to a Blue Collar Workforce - December 8th

    Launching a digital platform to a blue collar workforce isn’t an easy task. In this session, Staffbase's Melanie Lanick will give her top tips on how to successfully turn an outdated communications strategy into an innovative and modern approach through the launch of a digital platform.


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