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7 Ways to Improve Communication with Manufacturing Workers 

Looking for a better way to connect with your non-desk workers? Join us for a discussion between 3 industry veterans about best practices for bridging the gap between comms and employees on the factory floor.  On-Demand

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Here Are the Facts

Non-desk workers in the manufacturing industry account for roughly 427 million individuals globally—these are your engineers, technicians, operators, inspectors, and line workers. More often than not, however, these valuable employees lack the unified information-sharing and communications systems most desk workers have grown to expect: email is non-existent, pay stubs are printed or accessible only via laptop, vacation requests get lost in a sea of HR paperwork, and open enrollment for benefits is confusing.

  • Only 25% of manufacturing workers are actually engaged at work—a full eight percent lower than the national average
  • 82% of manufacturing leaders said that speaking to their employees was difficult or very difficult
  • 67% of business leaders say their company will no longer be competitive if it doesn’t become significantly more digitized by 2020.

In this webinar you’ll learn...

  • The psychology of blue collar workers and what to do to successfully engage them
  • How to create a comms strategy that resonates with every generation (Gen Z and Baby Boomers alike)
  • How to effectively deliver HR materials and seamlessly distribute safety resources to all your workers
  • The best way to maximize engagement on the factory floor
About the Presenters



Tiffany Elle
Global Communications at Versum Materials

An energetic, integrated communications strategist with expertise in developing and implementing global initiatives and tactical support plans to improve employee engagement, drive revenue and build brand awareness.



Carsten Lucaßen
Expert for Digital Projects in Corporate Communications

Carsten Lucassen worked as an editor and marketing director for several German newspapers. He eventually joined Viessmann in 2009 to lead the Digital Communications team. In this role, Carsten introduced the employee app Vi2Go and was highly involved in the company‘s digital transformation, but also worked on other app projects for numerous other enterprises and has proven himself to be an expert in digital communication.



Frank Wolf
President & Co-Founder at Staffbase

Passionate about internal communication and building digital environments that promote productive, enjoyable work and help all people excel. Publisher and author of "Social Intranet" and numerous articles and presentations. Co-founder and Director of Staffbase. Focused on building a great product and company that helps our customers to reach all employees on their mobile devices in a smart and easy way