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6 Strategies to Connect and Engage Your Entire Healthcare Workforce

From on-call doctors to janitorial staff, this webinar will discuss the most effective internal comms strategies for healthcare.

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In this webinar you'll learn....

  • What unique challenges have arisen during COVID-19 and the best internal comms strategies to combat them
  • How to communicate across different target groups and the most successful ways to engage employees and measure results
  • The most effective onboarding strategies for new staff and how to increase retention rates through employee engagement
  • Why you can be successful, regardless of the size of your internal comms teams & the best strategies for operating as a small team

About the Presenters

Megan Kowalski
Megan Kowalski
Director of Planning, Community Relations & Marketing - Iredell Health System
Cassandra Boyce
Director of Development & Marketing | Acenda
Marni Peterson
Marni Peterson
Office Coordinator and Communication Assistant - Healthcare Management Trust