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Drive change, reach everyone - all with an employee app

Communicate strategy, unlock engagement, and empower the frontline with Staffbase’s leading employee app.

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An employee app that’s relevant, no matter your location or department

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    Reach your employees with your brand

    Break down barriers to adoption with a trusted app from your brand, easily accessible in public app stores.

    - Downloadable in the Apple and Google Play stores

    - Easy authentication and single sign-on process

    - Your colors, fonts, name, and app icon

    - Branded push notifications for critical messages

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    Get everyone on the same page with an employee app

    - Steer your company in a unified direction by reaching everyone with corporate news and campaigns

    - Foster open culture across the organization with employee communities, social walls, and chat

    - Check the pulse with surveys and empower employees to share insights that feed your strategy

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    Your employees’ home base for information and services

    - Provide easy access to key resources, policies, and departmental support with dynamic pages

    - Increase efficiency with access to HR services like absence requests, shift plans, and payslips

    - Boost adoption with one place for fan favorite tools like the cafeteria menu, employee directory, and event calendars

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    Make every moment count with automated, scalable journeys

    Automatically surface content for employee milestones with personalized, multichannel journeys.

    - Auto-synced employee data for seamless new hire onboarding, role changes, or location transfers

    - Customize each step with news, videos, surveys and more

    - Multi-channel reach backed by push and email notifications

Moving to an employee app was an obvious step forward. It’s a channel that reaches our employees on their terms and serves as a one-stop-shop for everything they need, including payroll, rostering, benefits, and more.

Adrian Christie, Director of Communications